Frequently Asked Questions

What type of materials do you use?

We use only the highest quality materials. Our nylon leashes are made either from 550lb Paracord or from high quality nylon strap. We use Kangaroo leather for our leather leashes.

What type of clip options are available?

    Clips come in four types:

  • Zinc plated – multiple sizes available for nylon leads
  • Bronze plated – multiple sizes available for nylon leads
  • Ring – For a slip lead
  • Nylon – For a slip lead, we build a loop of nylon that can be used to make the slip lead

What handle options are available?

    There are four basic styles of handle that we make

  • XL – Size of a walking lead handle 9 inches long
  • Large – 4.5 inches long
  • Medium – 2 inches long
  • Small – Big enough to fit a thumb, 1 inch

What colors do you offer?

We offer a large variety of colors for both nylon and leather leashes. Contact us to see if a specific color or combination of colors is available.

What bead options are available?

There are many options available and they are changing all the time. Contact us to get a list of the current choices available to you.

If you have found some beads yourself, we can certainly use them on your leash. You will need to ship them to us. It will cause your leash to take a bit longer because we can’t start until we get your beads

Can I get beads on a nylon lead?

Yes! We don’t make our pre-made nylon leads with beads on them but we can certain make a nylon lead with beads on it.

What shipping options are available?

Currently we only offer USPS shipping since our leads are small and fit well in a padding envelope.